David G I polaroid DAVID : ‘For me, running means Freedom’.

David comes from the Mid-West of Ireland, from Limerick, and has been living in Dublin’s city center for many years now. He is a true sports enthusiast. He started running when he was 18 years old, has won numerous University and National athletic medals for Cross Country and Road Relay and today he runs with Ireland’s oldest athletic club in beautiful Phoenix Park. This champ is also a teacher and a History and Environmental Planning graduate. You can catch a glimpse of him training in Phoenix Park or you can meet him at History festivals and lectures around the city. ‘For me, running means freedom’ – says David. ‘There is nothing I love more than concentrating on the road ahead of me and forgetting about everything else’.


Comhghall I polaroidComhghall

Comhghall, pronounced Cole, is Dublin born and bred. Having lived here all his life, he is very familiar with all of Dublin’s winding streets, cobbled or otherwise. ‘Strangely’- says he, ‘despite this, it wasn’t until I studied the neoclassical buildings of Dublin for my leaving cert art history exam, that I realised just how interesting and impressive my home city was’. He is currently studying Computer Science, he is an accomplished artist and sketcher and plays Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee competitively. Comhghall has represented Ireland at the Ultimate Frisbee European and World Championships on a number of occasions. He loves running because it helps him with conditioning and to keep up with the speed and intensity of the demanding sports he plays. His varied interests gives him a unique perspective of the different elements a visitor might want to experience when in Dublin.


Eoin PolaroidEoin

Eoin, Irish for Owen, is from County Kildare, just a stone throw away from Dublin. A medicine student at Trinity College, there is no one better for letting you in on the fascinating history and the stories hidden behind the walls of this famous university. Running is in Eoin’s DNA. As an underage he won several medals at regional and national level for 400 and 800 meters and can be seen nowdays running with the Trinity Harriers and Athletic Club. He also plays Gaelic Football competitively. Gaelic Footballl is an Irish game which exists for many centuries and enjoys huge popularity in Ireland. Given half a chance, Eoin will tell you all about it and even show you a couple of moves.







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