Galway City of Tribes Tour

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Galway City of Tribes Tour

This tour is your essential guide to Galway, the City of Tribes. Discover this seaside city, a sanctuary for Irish customs, music and culture while getting your daily dose of exercise.

Galway is known as the Capital of the West of Ireland, and was founded in the 12th century as an Anglo Norman stronghold and along one of Ireland’s oldest fishing villages, the Claddagh. Our tour pays homage to Galway’s past and present. Learn about the Galway’s ‘tribes’, its medieval seafaring heritage and of its iconic symbols such as the ‘Galway Hookers’ (a particular sailing vessel from the area), the ‘Claddagh ring’ and more.

With us, run across the seafront, meander through fine examples of a medieval cobblestoned street, jog past its Spanish Arch and Castle and stop at Galway’s main landmarks.

Galway’s visitors will be captured by its bohemian and artistic street life. Our guides will also provide you with information on current events, markets and festivals so your experience of Galway will be as authentic as it gets.

Pre-booking is essential. To book please email

  • Tour days: Daily
  • Tour times: Weekdays:7am.Weekends:7am,8am & 9am
  • Distance: 5.5 km
  • Duration: 1h15 approx
  • Meeting point: Eyre Square
  • Cost: See below


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